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Thanatos Guide with tips and tricks for Smite’s Season 4

The greek interpretation of death, Thanatos, sees a comeback in Season 4 and I am here with a complete Thanatos guide if you want to execute some scrubs.   Since it’s been a long time since we had a guide for an assassin, the last one being the Susano guide, I decided this is the perfect time to showcase a complete Thanatos guide too. One of my favorite assassins to take on the battlefield, especially in 3v3. The days when Thanatos was considered too risky or too situational to be a viable pick may be behind us. Now you may […]

Sins of For Honor

Sins of For Honor Review

Are the sins of For Honor good enough to keep you playing?!   Here is what I consider to be the sins of For Honor: It rarely happens, but from time to time, a game gets me hooked on so fast, that I start to sink all my free time into it and that’s the first sin on For Honor – it’s very addictive! For those of you who live under a rock or lost the connection to the internet for the past 3-4 weeks, I am here to illuminate you. For Honor is an action hack and slash fighting game […]

smite hunter build

Fun Smite Hunter Build

Is there such a thing as a fun Smite Hunter Build? Since season 1, I’ve seen how the hunter builds become more and more “standardized”, and less fun. Playing and watching pro games across the seasons, I’ve always felt that the hunter is the only class who show no imagination and no personality in any of the builds. So we decided to try and improve on the “classic” hunter builds and see how we can come up with a fun Smite hunter build for everyone to enjoy. Game after game, either if we are watching SPL or on twitch and […]


eRepublik a chance to a second life

eRepublik, a chance to a second life … Have you ever got so emerged into a game that you literally wasted YEARS playing it? Sure some can go down memory lane and give an EPIC answer, like Starcraft Brood War or Dota 1, but I never asked about PC/console games. Let me ask you again: Have you ever lost years playing a browser game? Yes, you heard me right – a browser game! Probably some of you have heard and did play some good browser games, like Tribe Wars, but how many of you heard of eRepublik?! What exactly is […]

Odin guide

The best Odin guide to Bird-bomb your problems away!

The Allfather of the Norse pantheon has finally received his one Odin guide.   We all know of Odin either from the mythology books we read, from the movies we’ve seen or from the Smite games we all watched. Well this Odin guide will answer even bigger unexplored questions, like:                     Do we know on how to outright play him in Smite?!   Odin is quite the versatile God in Smite. He can be played with success in 3 different roles! As you can see, he is quite the nuisance. It’s also true that he can also be harassed in […]

Smite changes for a better game

In our previous article we talked about some of the more often mistakes that players do in Smite. So now it’s time to take a look at what Hi-Rez can do to create a better experience for the players.  So let’s see what we think on what Smite changes should be introduced …   Smite changes for the enjoyment of the player?   Of course we need Hi-Rez to fix the darn servers, matchmaking or even queue times, but why would we stop at this obvious, common sense fixes?   No no … there are many more things that can […]

Top 5 Smite Mistakes Players DO

Smite mistakes? After browsing through the Smite subreddit and following some feedback after my latest Smite guide for Fafnir, I decided that it’s time to take a look at what are the most often Smite mistakes made by players. To answer what we mean by Smite mistakes, we have to go a bit deeper in  analyzing how players react in different situations. There are 3 types of players in Smite: those who make the plays, those who outplay the enemy team and those who don’t do either.   Do you …   like being aggressive? Do you like to dictate the engage? […]


Fafnir dash for the gold

Fafnir Lord of Glittering Gold!   Fafnir is basically Thrain II from the hobbit or Thrain II is basically Fafnir if we follow the lore of the newly introduced God in Smite. He’s the first stance switching guardian, but with an extra twist: he transforms into a freakin DRAGON!! That’s his ultimate/switch stance. His abilities are nothing new or groundbreaking, but certainly are an upgrade to the existing mechanics within the game.   Let’s take his 1st ability, “Cursed Strength”, for example: it’s basically Ullr’s axe that does not stop into the first minion it encounters. But rather in the […]


Indie developers, a success story at East European Comic Con?

Comic Con, run over by Indie Developers?! It all started from the basic idea of looking for new and exciting ways to promote and spread the awareness about the Romanian indie developers studios. The tinkering minds behind RGDA saw this year’s East European Comic Con to be the perfect opportunity to enact their “malicious” plan! So with the help of a friend, an ESL representative, RGDA managed to slip some Indie developers into Comic Con. The guy from ESL, was actually organizing the gaming area for Comic Con and when he heard the idea, he was instantly hooked. He was […]

Susano guide

Complete Susano guide with tips and tricks

Susano Guide for everyone to understand?! Friends and foes, a new deity has joined the battlefield of the gods! Representing the Japanese pantheon, the brother of Amaterasu, Susano picks up the sword and enters the battleground! Also with his enroll we are bringing this complete Susano guide with all the tips and tricks you need to win any battle. If you are interested in more guides on other Smite Gods you can check them all here. This Susano Guide should give you the boost of confidence when using Susano not only in the jungle, but also in the Solo Lane and other […]